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What is Your Sexual Personality?
" Does your sexual personality match your partner's? "
You shirk from public shows of affection; he loves to smooch in the middle of the street, almost declaring to the world that he cannot wait to get you into bed. You love to hear sweet nothings, but he is more of an "actions speak louder than words" kind of guy. What is it that makes you so different from each other? Sexual personality is what determines your sexual desires, attitudes, fantasies, preferences, and confidence and is measured on four basic scales. Your libido score characterizes your sexual behavior. The four basic scales include:
  • Emotional vs. Physical
  • Look vs. Touch
  • Daring vs. Modest
  • Verbal vs. Non-verbal
Measured on its own and in conjunction with the other scale's behavior patterns, questions are used to calculate your sexual personality score. For instance, if the questionnaire asks what your idea of foreplay is, your answer would be:
  • an evening together talking and swapping stories
  • a romantic candle light dinner
  • an entire evening spent exploring each others erogenous points, on the floor of your living room
  • getting right into the act
Questions in a sexual personality test relate to your sexual desires, attitudes towards sex, sexual awareness, sexual appeal, and confidence. For example, if you mark your questionnaire: high emotional, look, daring, and non-verbal, you have a high sexual appeal and sexual awareness and thus feel and look sexy. You would also be proficient in the art of lovemaking.

When you look at the factors that are responsible for one's sexual personality, it is clear that matching the sexual personalities of a couple is important to their sex life and to their relationship. This perhaps accounts for why some people cannot seem to get enough of each other while others have a conservative outlook towards sex. It is important that you to discover the sexual personality of your partner and if it does not really match yours, don't fret. After all variety is the spice of life. What is crucial is that you understand both of your sexual personalities and that you are both comfortable expressing yourself, verbally and non-verbally. Sex is one of the basic needs of a person that provides physical pleasure, comfort and security. Sexual desires also reflect your attitude towards sex. Therefore, if you have a sexual personality that is on the traditional side and maintain that the missionary position is the only sexual position that is acceptable or that a man should always be the initiator, and your partner has a more adventurous attitude, then you need to work at finding a middle ground that is satisfactory to both.

The color you prefer also expresses your sexual attitudes, preferences, and sexual personality. If you think you don't have a favorite color, just look around and you will find one color that seems to dominate.
  • Red: As expected, red is indicative of an aggressive and adventurous lover.
  • Yellow: People who like yellow tend to be submissive and have complex sexual drives.
  • Purple: This color indicates that the person has practical approach towards sex and it very conservative.
  • Green: If green is your color then you are a faithful lover and like to maintain the freshness in the physical side of the relationship. You are gentle lover.
  • Blue: People who like blue are considerate and wonderful lovers.
  • Pink: Pink lovers are born flirts and usually flit from one sexual relation to the other.
  • Orange: Like the color, people who like orange are dramatic lovers who may also be faking sometimes.
  • Gray: If your favorite color is gray, then you view sex as just an act without any emotions.
  • Black: describes sex in the perverted sense; people who find black as the predominant color in their wardrobe and in life are usually unhappy and have a sadistic or masochistic streak.
  • White: Lovers of white are usually sexually and psychologically immature and may think of sex as something dirty.

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Posted by: jaguar1956   (08/24/06)

I personaly like to read articles like these to give me differnt ideas and new ways of keeping my sexuall thoughts in a place where i can please my partner and keep her very satisfied ,and it also helps to keep a open mind to other ways of pleasure for he
Posted by: Hey, that's the greaetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?   (05/08/11)

Hey, that's the greaetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
Posted by: It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of ssunhine.   (07/22/11)

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of ssunhine.
Posted by: What I find so interesting is you could never find this aywhnree else.   (10/03/11)

What I find so interesting is you could never find this aywhnree else.
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