Inspiration Chinese Astrology
Romance For Year of the Snake
  (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989)

This guy knows what to say, just when to say it, to whom and how. He can crack a hilarious joke when required, yet be philosophical and serious otherwise. He is always well turned out. He is street-smart, and has a knack for knowing the market. He will earn a lot of money because he is cleverer than his adversaries (not competitors), and because he is perseverant and focused. He may not spend much of it, though, partly because he is careful with it and partly because he doesn't really enjoy too much company and partying. He will be happy to be home on a holiday, doing nothing at all, or maybe pursuing a sedentary hobby.

He can be so charming, so seductive, that you cannot help liking him. Once he is yours, he is yours and only yours. Moreover, he will expect the same "belonging" of you. Once he has "felt" something, you cannot reason with him. He makes up his mind with his heart, not his head. He may ask you for suggestions or advice, but not necessarily follow it. You cannot ask for anyone better as a business partner. If you want him as companion and lover, be perfect in all that you say and do. He will not settle for less. Inside a confident exterior, the Snake is insecure. He isn't sure whether you will always be his, whether things will always go his way. He is always calculating what to do next. The Rooster and the Ox are compatible with him.

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