Sacramento   Date Ideas
Sacramento Date Ideas (Things To Do)

1. Old Town Sacramento
Old Town Sacramento
Old Town Sacramento
History buffs will love walking down the streets of Old Sacramento into the city's glorious past. Check out the little shops, quaint cafes, and charming restaurants. Pick up knick-knacks for each other at the street stalls. Then head for the riverfront for a quiet, hand-in-hand walk and some heart-to-heart conversation.

2. Romance On a Budget
California State Fair
Fair Ferris Wheel
Held each year at the Fairgrounds at Exposition Park, this is a place for fun and culture. There are plenty of distractions - from the usual jam and baking competitions to the whirling, twirling rides that make you gasp for a breath. Taste the great food and give in to the impulse to try to win a stuffed toy for her.

3. Dinner and a Show
Crocker Art Museum
Crocker Art Museum
Sacramento has so many beautiful venues for shows, plays, movies, and performances of all kinds that you will have no difficulty finding something to suit your taste. There are many interesting museums if you share similar passions. A round of the Crocker Art Museum, for instance, will reveal intriguing exhibits and they often have concerts late into the night. Check out the township of Old Sacramento and truly immerse yourselves in history. Later, eat dinner at one of the ritzy restaurants and give your date the royal treatment.

4. Antiques Away
Antiques Away
Antique Mall
Do you love exploring antique shops for priceless treasures? Sacramento has just the places for you to indulge your hobby. The 57th Street Antique Mall is home to more than seventy authentic dealers. Another good place is Lovell's Mall. Browse through the stores as you seek out the most amazing artifacts and jewelry pieces. Who knows, you may find the perfect ring for her there!

5. Riverwalk
The city is blessed with plenty of charming little cafes and bistros along the many riverbanks-just the perfect setting for a pair of lovers. Sit out on the patio of your favorite café and watch the activity on the river as the ferries go back and forth and the tourists take pictures of the sights.

6. Delta River King
Delta River King
Delta River King
Find out what is showing at the Paddlewheel Showroom, then get tickets for a late night show. This fascinating theater is the only floating theater in Sacramento (and probably for miles all around!). Arrive early and enjoy the mood of the Delta King River Boat as the evening wakes up to the arrival of excited couples and theatergoers.

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