Calgary   Date Ideas
Calgary Date Ideas (Things To Do)

1. High up in the Tower
Calgary Tower
Calgary Tower
Climb up to the top of the Calgary Tower and enjoy some of the most spectacular views you can expect to see of the city. This is a tourist attraction, so plan to go around dusk and avoid weekends completely. Sunset is a magical time up at the top. Hold hands and make long-lasting promises as that big, yellow orb slips over the horizon the city lights come to life.

2. Devonian Gardens
Devonian Garden
Devonian Gardens
Set in the middle of the city, spanning three acres of beauty, the Devonian Gardens are a magnificent place to spend time together. For a daytime date, pack a picnic of sandwiches and find a cool spot near one of the many cascading waterfalls to enjoy your meal and each other's company. Then head out for a walk through the dense trees and flowers, along designated walkways and trails.

4. Prince's Island Park
Prines Island
Prince's Island Park
A day of hiking, biking, walking, and fishing can only bring the two of you closer. Explore the island to your heart's content. Enjoy the fresh, brisk air, only experienced on an island. Take a boat ride on the Bow River or just sit together contemplating the universe as you wait for the fish to bite.

5. Eau Claire Market
Eau Claire Market
Eau Claire Market
The Eau Claire Market is not only a place for shopping. Eau Claire Market is a grand platform for local artists and craftsmen to display and showcase their talents. Filled with hangout spots, restaurants, and theaters, this is a place to go for those unplanned, impulsive days when you have no idea what you want to do until you see it. With the variety of options available here, you are bound to see something that you will enjoy.

6. Spruce Meadows
Spruce Meadows
Spruce Meadows
If you both love horses and are experienced riders, then Spruce Meadows is ideal for you. Spend your time riding some of the healthiest and gentlest horses over a vast spread of land. There are many equestrian trails to choose from and you are bound to discover one that you will enjoy.

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